Faulty Gas Pump: It's Not Just a Bad Engine That Will Keep Your Vehicle from Starting

It's not just a faulty engine that can leave you stranded. If you are having problems with your gas pump, and you ignore the warning signs, then you will likely have a car that will no longer start. So that you are prepared, here are some of the most common signs of a faulty fuel pump.

1. The vehicle sputters when at high speeds or is going up a hill. This can happen because the engine is not getting enough gasoline to maintain speeds. 2. The vehicle surges at unexpected moments. This is a sign that the gasoline is not being regulated. 3. The vehicle is no longer getting decent gas mileage. This, as well, is a sign that the gasoline is not being regulated. 4. High temperatures on the temperature gauge can mean that the fuel pump motor is starting to fail.

If you are experiencing any one of these warning signs, come to our service center at Keyser Miller Ford in Collegeville, PA, and we'll be happy to diagnose the problem and replace the part.

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